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We are data nerds passionate about helping people thrive.

Data is the new natural resource we’re obsessed with tapping into

We believe in the power of a data-driven, science-based education and are obsessed with perfecting the art of delivering actionable insights, no matter the challenge. We are nerds, educators, and innovators.

  • CrowdSegment’s origin story starts with Steppingblocks, a self-service, skill-building machine giving students a data-driven approach to career planning.

  • The story continues with education providers, employers, and the people who power the workforce. We believe it’s our responsibility to help these communities thrive.

Our National Science Foundation Journey

Our Origin
Steppingblocks launches to help students make data-driven decisions with the digital career counselor.
Our Phase I Grant - CSPI
We apply for the NSF/SBIR grant to develop a platform that ranks the performance for Computer Science programs in the US.
Our Phase II Grant - TalentEye
Steppingblocks pivots through customer discovery and expands the applications of CSPI to become TalentEye, an AI recruiting platform.
Commercialization - CrowdSegment
We find additional segments in the market that need our data and expand beyond recruiting into sales and research. CrowdSegment is born.
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Meet our team

The geeks that make the dream come true.
  • Carlo Martinez


  • Levi Perkins


  • Rob Gannaway


  • Erin King Pearson

    Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Sebastien Arnaud

    Lead Data Scientist

  • Harsh Patel

    Software Engineer

  • Baxter Sapp

    Data Analytics

  • Wolfe Nelson

    Data Engineer

  • Rush Myers

    Software Engineer

  • Taylor Lupton

    Account Executive

  • Trusted by Our Clients

    With National Science Foundation backed technology, we impact our client’s bottom line with the opportunity to seamlessly expand results and credibility.

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      ATDC 75 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

    Our Culture

    Steppingblocks was able to build CrowdSegment thanks to the National Science Foundation and an amazing team. We work hard everyday to stay on top of cutting edge technology that provides our clients with the most reliable and easy to access data.