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First AI-based people analytics platform

Immediate access to demographic, employment, and education data on over 100 million people in the US.

Data is Meaningless Without Insights

Get hundreds of insights on groups or individuals to increase your engagement rate in:

Find talent in the most unique way using Data Driven Filters. As the workforce changes, our insights will help you identify the unique talent no one else is able to find.


Hyper-target your sales & marketing campaigns by finding people outside traditional search criteria. Use targeted insights to build your ideal candidate profile and download exportable data and verified contact information.

People Analytics

Compare companies, industries, and competitors. Get insights for any segment of the population by geographic, demographic, career, or education segments.

Build your Crowds with People Intelligence

Here is how it works:


1. Start with the essentials
Start by entering the attributes your ideal segment must have. We'll suggest additional skills, certifications, income, location, experience, and more to focus your search.


2. We analyze the insights
Get unique demographic, employment, education, certification, skills, and education data insights on your target population.


3. Refine your search
Every search will provide you recommended insights based on the relevance of your results for each segment. Find unique attributes about your targets such as age, tenure, years of experience, salary, skills, and much more.


4. Review and download your segment data
Get detailed insights with hundreds of personalized insights, company data, and contact information on your search results. Download, integrate with your CRM, and close your next deal!

We believe everyone deserves the same access to data

Our engine is powered by Steppingblocks in partnership with the National Science Foundation. Our mission is to provide data access to skill seekers, education providers, and employers to build the workforce of the future.

Our Data

Billions of data points. Limitless Segments.
Our Customers & Partners Get Results:
Rausch Advisory Services

Real Impact in our client's bottom line

"We started growing significantly a few months after COVID-19 and needed a fast and reliable source for recruiting. CrowdSegment saved us thousands of dollars and provided the ability to find extremely qualified passive candidates."

Zlatko Bogoevski

CEO, Betterbot

"After Covid, we had to redesign our growth strategy outside of Atlanta. With CrowdSegment, we have been able to find opportunities to expand in the Southeast and grow our business by 120%."

Michael Lisenby

Managing Director, Cyber Audit Consulting

"Working with CrowdSegment allowed us to grow our data capabilities to levels we never thought possible. Our customers are extremely happy with the insights we can generate for them and we see an ocean of opportunities to grow."

David White

VP of Research Analytics