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Firmographics on Over 25M Businesses in the US

CrowdSegment collects raw company data from millions of public and private sources and transforms it into detailed company information you can trust. We provide enriched b2b data insights on over 25 million companies, their employees, and competitors for entities in the United States. We can deliver your data via:

Enriched B2B Data with Insights

Data is meaningless without insights. We find publicly available information about a company and enrich your b2b data, segmentation and prospecting with collective insights using current and historical attributes from the company's workforce.

  • Company summary and independent analysis

  • Employee average salary data

  • 5-year company growth rate

  • Company industry, type (public, private, non-profit, etc.)

  • Employee job functions breakdown

  • Company specialties

  • Employee skills by commonality, relevance, and salary

  • Employee demographic insights on gender, age, tenure, and veteran status

  • Company website and social links

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