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Demographic Data

Demographic Data on Over 100M People in the US

CrowdSegment collects demographic data from millions of public and private sources and transforms it into detailed insights to enrich your prospect data, segment your leads, and advance your audience targeting with sales intelligence tools and recruiting analytics.

Build the Right Persona With CrowdSegment's Demographic Insights

Data is meaningless without insights. We help you build the persona profile for your audience to drive business leads and target prospects using demographics.

  • Gender, age, veteran status, years of experience, interests, and skills

  • Current employment, title, company, tenure, and estimated salary

  • Previous employment history

  • Educational data on degree, level, majors, institutions attended, and grad years

  • Geographic locations

  • Demographic analytics cross-segmentation

  • Skills analytics

  • Demographic benchmark analytics

  • Social profiles and contact information

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